Smartthings Not Connecting to Samsung TV: 7 Fixes (2022)

This combination of SmartThings with Samsung TVs is like a marriage made in heaven. Everything you could accomplish with a remote can be done with this gadget, including controlling your television. But there’s a snag: the smart hub won’t always turn on your TV. Many people have been experiencing this problem for some time.

When SmartThings can’t switch on Samsung TVs, it’s because the option is disabled on the TV. To utilize SmartThings, make sure this feature is available on your TV and that it is turned on.

This blog article might assist if you’re having trouble getting your Samsung TV to switch on from Smart Things. There are a number of reasons why your TV won’t switch on, and we’ll go through how to solve the problem. First things first: Let’s get started!

With SmartThings, can you turn on a Samsung TV?

Only a few Samsung TVs are compatible with SmartThings’ turn-on feature. An internet connection and a TV built after 2017 are required for this functionality to work properly (wireless or wired).

As a result, the first thing you need do is see whether your Samsung TV is compatible with SmartThings’ ability to switch on. If it doesn’t, you’ll have no choice but to manually switch on the TV.


The next step is to allow SmartThings to turn on your TV if you’re certain it can.

A 2017 to 2021 Samsung Smart TV is likely to be compatible with SmartThings if you have one of these models. You may try the methods listed below to repair the issue if the smart hub won’t turn it on.

  • Don’t forget to download and install the SmartThings app on your phone if you haven’t already!
  • Select the SmartThings app from your list of installed programs.
  • The Plus button is pressed.
  • Choose “device” from the drop-down menu.
  • When a list of devices appears, choose “TV.”
  • Go with Samsung.
  • If you’re looking for a TV show,
  • Press the start button.
  • Rooms may be chosen from the drop-down menu or a new location can be created.
  • Use the remote control on your television to turn on the television. Make sure your phone and TV are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network and that they are both near each other.
  • Add a new device by selecting the one you want.
  • In order to access your phone, you’ll need to enter a PIN that appears in a pop-up window on your TV.
  • Connected: Your phone is now connected to your television through HDMI

To allow SmartThings to switch on your TV from your phone, connect your phone and TV.

  • Once you’ve accessed the Smart Hub, go to Settings by pressing the Home button on the remote control.
  • Go to the General tab, then Network from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Expert Settings link at the bottom of the Network page.
  • With this option, you may turn on your phone’s power. Activate or deactivate it by pressing Enter on your remote control.
  • SmartThings should be unable to turn on your TV.

After connecting your TV to your smartthings, what happens if it still doesn’t work?

You may attempt a number of things to get your TV to work again if it has been unresponsive to any actions, even turning it on. Among them are:

To be sure, make sure the TV is turned on.

The TV could be turned off from time to time. SmartThings or the Samsung Connect Home app won’t work if the TV isn’t turned on.

Check to check that the TV’s power cord (AC adapter) is connected to a functional electrical outlet by pressing the Power button on the remote control. Then try again on SmartThings to see if the TV reacts to that.


Verify the LED indication. For this reason, the Hub should display as disconnected in the app whether the light is flickering or solid magenta. Now is not the time to disconnect or reset the Hub.


In the event that your TV isn’t responding, check the range. Extend the range of your wireless network by utilizing repeaters to bring it closer.


Before connecting to SmartThings on certain TVs, you may need to install a separate app. It’s a good idea to make sure the TV is operating successfully in the native app before trying to turn it on through SmartThing.


If none of the above procedures work, try deleting and re-adding the TV to SmartThings to see if it fixes the problem.

Users Experiences on smartthings not connecting to samsung tv

Stuck on Samsung TV won’t turn on

Without purchasing a harmony or similar gadget, is there an other way? If so, what is the procedure for doing so?

A1: That’s because the TV and SmartThings cloud communication is presently limited, and I think this is a restriction of the TV’s design at now. When the TV is turned off, it is in a low-power state and hence cannot receive commands from the SmartThings cloud to switch on.

There have been reports of some users being able to deploy On through Wake on LAN network messages with some success.

You may use the HDMI ARC control to switch on the TV if it has that feature (I use my Apple TV)

The TV will not come on automatically.


There is no smartthings hub on my Q7 series TV.

It is possible to use a virtual remote control to switch on the TV via SmartThings’ app, despite the cloud icon indicating that the service is unavailable. There is some type of TV problem notice when I turn it on, but it still turns on.

Only “OFF” is available for automation.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to make it work? My ultimate objective is to establish a morning habit that includes turning on the TV and tuning to a certain station.

Chromecast and Google Home are also available for assistance.

I’d want to thank you ahead of time.

A1: With no hub, how can you use the ST app on your phone? Although you may be able to operate it through the app, I doubt any procedures that call for a hub would function in ST. Is Google Home able to pick it up?

Even while I don’t have much experience automating TVs, the Samsung Smart TV I do own is capable of doing so (and SmartThings). When I initially connected in the TV, it was automatically installed. It worked for a while using Alexa routines, and it’s always been a little erratic. Alexa hasn’t been able to access it for at least a year now. However, if I open the Smartthings app and toggle it on/off, everything works as it should. The Alexa app is less trustworthy. Since I seldom watch TV, automating it was never a major priority for me.

A2: Logitech Harmony Hub is the answer. You set up activities like watching Hulu by connecting all of your A/V devices. As soon as you select that activity with Alexa or Google Home and others, the essential components are activated; unneeded ones are turned off; inputs are configured; etc. so that you have a flawless experience. You can also use it to control lights and activities on Harmony by connecting it to ST. It’s perfect!

Unable to switch on Samsung TV?

I just purchased a Samsung TV for use with my SmartThings hub. After failing to switch on twice in less than a week, I now have an offline SmartThings app that indicates it is not connected.

This device won’t turn on without first being unplugged and replugged. Due to the fact that it’s 65 degrees outside “and mounted on a wall behind the TV, with an electrical outlet behind it.

I’m at a loss for words.

A1: To be honest, the fact that it works at all is nothing short of a miracle. It’s been a long time since they (Samsung) have successfully integrated Smartthings with their TVs, and I’d assume they have the same problem with the 9-series. Various versions of the program have been in operation for some time now (years!). I’ve given up hoping they’ll get their act together after their major plan reset a year or so ago. Instead, go for the Harmony Smart Hub controller, which performs well.

A2: Install a smart plug to enable you to do a power cycle from a distance;-)

A3: To test whether it’s still online if it’s IP connected, you may use an app such as Fing to scan the network. It might be a hardware issue if it isn’t even accessible on the network.

Connecting a Samsung TV to SmartThings through an Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable connects my 49-inch Samsung TV (Q60 series) to the internet. To stream 4K video from my NAS, I need an Ethernet connection.

My TV is visible in the SmartThings app when I open it and navigate to it. The TV is no longer available in the app, which is causing an issue. In order for the SmartThings app to work, my TV seems to need a Wi-Fi connection.

The SmartThings app does not operate over ethernet, and I’d want to know whether there is a fix.


A1: Yes, this is true. The fact that an always-on Ethernet connection isn’t allowed is, in my opinion, just plain foolish. That “wake on LAN” capability, which has been present since Ethernet was invented decades ago, seems to be a complete mystery to Samsung. WoWLAN seems to be the only thing they’ve introduced. Even if you open Smartthings and pick your offline TV, Samsung says, “for a stable connection, ensure your TV is linked to Wi-Fi” for days. You need to get your wits about you, Samsung.

A2: Yes, despite the fact that it is set to standby, my TV is never turned off even when the power is turned off.

HDMI CEC is the only way to turn it on, so at least my chromecast can turn it on.

A3: My Samsung 55″ TV now has a Roku Ultra installed “I’ve had it since 2016, and I can now control it with my smart speakers. Ethernet is an option for connecting the Roku Ultra. SmartThings still shows my TV, but it doesn’t do anything for me..

The SmartThings App claims that the TV is not connected to the network.

Hello there, I’m using the Samsung Frame 2020, which is the newest model.

Initially, I could use SmartThings to operate the TV after connecting it to WiFi.

Now that I’ve linked the TV to the internet, it’s no longer working.

It won’t work for the life of me. Streaming is why I’m connecting through ethernet.

Any thoughts?

A1: According to what I’ve read, this is a rather regular issue, and it’s caused by the television going into “shutdown” mode.

There’s a period of time when you can turn it back on after it’s been turned off. USB ports may also be affected by this.) When I initially noticed the issue, I read an article about it.

A2: My Samsung Q80 is experiencing the same issue. When connected over Wi-Fi, the TV displays its status correctly in ST, but when connected via Ethernet, it appears offline. Even though the TV isn’t being utilized, I connected an Ethernet line into the wall for it. This is such a vexing design mistake that I’m shocked it went unnoticed.


Using SmartThings to switch on a Samsung TV is a common problem. The actions outlined above should help fix any problems you’re having with your Samsung TV. It’s a good bet that it will fix your problem!

You should try these fixes:

  1. Make sure the TV is turned on.
  4. Try deleting and re-adding the TV to SmartThings
  5. Using Apple TV
  6. Using Chromecast and Google Home
  7. Using Logitech Harmony Hub

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