How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Adapter? [2022]

How to connect your Samsung TV to yourWiFi without adapter? This guide will show you how!

This is a commonly asked subject, particularly with relation to older television models, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about it right here.

Enter your Samsung TV’s network settings and choose “WPS” from the dropdown menu. The TV should connect instantly if you press the WPS button on your remote.

It’s possible that you’ll still want an adaptor if your TV doesn’t have a Wi-Fi card installed.

In order to avoid the need for an adaptor, let’s start with the bare minimum and work our way up to syncing your Samsung TV with WiFi.

Without an adapter, how can I connect my Samsung TV to the internet?

There is a specific piece of hardware called an adapter that is responsible for providing WiFi access on a computer.

A built-in LAN card is included with every WiFi-enabled disk. In the event that your TV does not have one, it will not be able to connect to WiFi.

If you have a newer Samsung TV, you’ll be able to automatically search for WiFi networks and connect your TV to them. ‘

Let’s get started with the two most common techniques for connecting the TV to WiFi without an adaptor.

Method 1: Make Use Of A Wireless Wifi Network Card

First and foremost, utilize your device’s built-in network settings to connect your Samsung TV to the internet.

A Wifi password is required in order to complete the procedure.

You may discover your router’s WiFi password by logging into the router’s settings using the manufacturer’s password and username.

A Wi-Fi card may be used to establish a wireless connection.

  1. To begin, turn on the Samsung TV and push the button on the remote control to bring up the Menu Settings.
  2. Secondly, go to the Network menu area and enter the Network settings.
  3. In the third step, click the Next button to open the next window by highlighting it and selecting it.
  4. Find a White box and enter in your Wifi network’s password in the new window
    • Wi-Fi passwords are normally set up by the manufacturer or when you join for the first time. Either way, you’ll have the code in your hands.
  5. Step #5: Your TV will now be linked to the wifi network when you provide your Wifi password.

In order to connect your Samsung TV to a WiFi network wirelessly, this approach is the best option.

To connect to your Wifi network via your Samsung TV, you may use the WPS button, which is located on the bottom right of the screen.

Method 2: Purchase a WiFi Receiver as a bonus.

This solution is for you if you’re still trying to figure out how to connect an old Samsung TV to your WiFi without an adaptor.

Due to the lack of a working WiFi wireless connection on older Samsung TVs without LAN cards, we thought it would be helpful to provide this extra approach.

You can easily get external WiFi receivers that work with Samsung TVs at any electronics shop.

The provider can help you figure out which option is ideal for your needs. Despite its appearance, it would be used to replace the LAN card.

Any device without an integrated LAN card can connect to your network using a WiFi receiver, therefore it’s a sure bet. With pricing starting at about $15, you’ll have plenty of options.

Method 3: Use WPS to Connect to WiFi

Though you don’t have a LAN card in your Samsung TV, this is the only method to connect it to a wireless network. Even if it’s complicated.

To make sure your Samsung TV is connected, be sure to carefully follow our instructions.

Ensure the router has a WPS button so that you can manually do the operation and avoid bringing other devices near your television.

Assuming that’s not an issue, follow these instructions to use the WPS button on your Samsung TV to connect to wifi:

  1. The first step is to access your Samsung TV’s network settings and choose the WPS button.
  2. Next, pressing and holding the WPS button on the TV’s remote for a few seconds, and your TV will be instantly linked to your network.

If you’re unable to connect to your router or network, you may try some of the suggestions we’ve given you below.

Method 4: Wifi Direct on a Samsung TV: How to Use It

On your Samsung TV, you may use Wifi Direct to connect to the internet

In order for this functionality to work, you’ll need WiFi direct on both your mobile device and your TV.

It’s easy to tell whether your Smart TV supports WiFi direct if the WiFi direct option is active in the TV’s settings. Most Samsung mobile devices include a Share menu option where you may choose WiFi direct.

Wi-Fi Direct may be used by following the steps outlined below:

  1. To activate Wi-Fi Direct on your Samsung TV, go to the main menu and choose Menu > Network > Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Secondly, make sure that Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on your mobile device. All of the devices in front of the TV will be automatically searched for and shown on the TV itself. It will also display on the mobile device.
  3. In order to initiate a connection, choose the device and then hit Enter on your keyboard. A permission notice appears on the mobile device whenever the TV makes a connection request, and this is true for both the TV and mobile device.

Accept the invitation to link your Samsung Smart TVs to your mobile device.

What do you think about the most recent TVs?

To get your latest TV models, like the Q and NU series, connected to Wi-Fi Direct, just switch on Wi-Fi Direct on your phone and choose your TV from the available devices.

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Wireless > Wireless Directly from your mobile device’s settings menu.
  2. Wi-Fi direct has a list of the gadgets that are now accessible on the website. Upon selecting a television, the process of connecting the two devices will begin on your phone.
  3. If the connection between your phone and the TV is successful, a message will appear on the TV.

In the end, you have learnt how to connect a Samsung Smart TV to your internet using WiFi Direct.

But, my darling, I have some further information for you!

Can’t get your Samsung TV to connect to a wireless network?

With this knowledge, we’ve predicted that you may have some issues while trying to connect the Samsung TV to your WiFi without an adaptor.

Here are the methods that have worked for others who are attempting to do the same thing:

1. Relocate Router

Try moving your router to a new location if the power cycle doesn’t work. As a result, your Samsung TV may not be receiving a strong signal.

Ensure that your Samsung TV and router are at a significant distance from each other.

2. Restart Router

The router restart is the quickest and easiest way to fix and refresh your network. It’s possible to do a power cycle on it.

To perform a power cycle, turn off your router and remove the power adapter from the wall. Replug it in after a few minutes.

3. Power cycle Samsung TV

Power cycling your Samsung TV is now an option that you can test out. It’s possible that a problem with your TV is interfering with the network connection.

To restart your Samsung TV, you must turn it off and remove the power cord from the wall outlet. After a few minutes, try plugging it back in to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Questions and Answers:

When it comes to LAN card operation and typical concerns, these are some of the most often asked topics online.

What Is the Purpose of a LAN Card?

It is common for older televisions to have built-in LAN cards. It’s likely that your TV has Wifi built in, which may connect to your network quickly and automatically if it doesn’t have a LAN card.

LAN cards, which may offer more robust and dependable connections, are becoming more uncommon. Even though WiFi has occasional failures and delays, it’s widely accepted that it’s quicker and easier to use.

There are two simple methods to connect the Samsung TV to your WiFi without an adaptor. If your TV’s built-in network settings don’t work, you may also try WPS.

In addition, a 3rd-party WiFi receiver is an option, however without LAN capability, a wireless connection is not feasible.

The Function of a LAN Card

As long as you have a LAN card in your TV, you have the most stable Wifi component you can have.

Your device will have a physical “door” to the network it has been assigned to join when using a LAN card.

The LAN card’s physical interface is the first of its kind, and it is used to connect cables to the card.

It should be simple to connect your TV to the internet via an Ethernet cable, but we’re not here to talk about wired connections.


You should have no trouble connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi now that you’ve learned how to do it without an adapter.

A wired Ethernet cable is all you need to connect your TV to the internet if it doesn’t include a LAN card.

Check out our technical blog for additional writings about Samsung TVs and their functions!

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