Can I Use Any Wireless Adapter For My Samsung Tv? (YES, But)

There are an increasing number of Samsung TVs available on the market that come pre-loaded with smart features. It’s still unclear how you can efficiently transform a TV that doesn’t have smart features into a smart TV. What kind of wifi adapter can you use with a Samsung TV?

Any USB wifi adapter may theoretically be configured to operate with a Samsung TV, but it needs an advanced degree of technical know-how. An adapter designed exclusively for Samsung TVs or a streaming stick or box are your best bets.

The following guide will show you how to make your Samsung TV smart. Samsung-specific wifi adapters, as well as other options, will be explained in the following sections, along with their advantages and disadvantages. After finishing this guide, you’ll be able to connect your TV to the internet in a method that works best for you!

What Wi-Fi adapters are compatible with SAMSUNG TVs?

Using the Samsung WIS09ABGN USB adapter with a Samsung TV is the best way to connect to the internet. As long as your TV is suitable, this adapter should provide the connection you need.

What about adapters that aren’t made by Samsung?

There are ways to utilize non-Samsung adapters with a Samsung TV, but most individuals lack the technical expertise to do so. Changing the VID (vendor ID) and PID (product ID) to make it look as though it came from Samsung requires some familiarity with how these adapters’ chipsets operate in the first place.

Rather of doing that, you should investigate your alternative choices for making your TV a Smart TV. It’s possible to get a similar gadget at a lower price than the one that works with Samsung TVs.


You don’t have to use a usb wifi adapter to make your Samsung TV smart. Smart Services may also be accessed via a variety of other devices.

Samsung’s smart TV may be enhanced with the following devices:

  • You may insert a streaming stick like Roku or Chromecast into your HDMI port to access a variety of smart services, such as Netflix and Hulu. These add-ons are probably the simplest method to equip a TV with smart features that aren’t already included.
  • You may also use streaming boxes if you want a streaming stick’s simplicity but with additional power. Apple TV and Roku streaming boxes are the most popular options. Because of this, they’re more powerful than their stick equivalents, which connect directly to your Wi-Fi network.

Compared to streaming boxes, streaming sticks are less expensive and simpler to set up. As a result, they tend to contain less additional features. It’s important to examine the specifications of the device you want to use since they might vary greatly across different manufacturers and versions.


To help you narrow down your streaming stick/box choices, we’ve compiled the following list of high-quality, reasonably priced options:

  • Roku and Chromecast streaming sticks have the best price/quality ratio of any streaming devices currently available. For less than $30, you can get a complete suite of applications and streaming services, as well as the ability to use voice commands. Roku is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget who want to save money while still obtaining high-quality content.
  • Compatibility is important if you already have an iPhone and want to watch films you’ve purchased from Apple on your television. This might sway you into an Apple TV instead of a Chromecast. Without using Apple goods, the situation would obviously be reversed.
  • At a lower price point than Apple TV, Roku Ultra 2020 is the greatest all-around streaming device on the market today. Additionally, it can stream 4K video and 4K audio via Bluetooth wirelessly and is compatible with other brands’ products, such as the Amazon Alexa.

Any of the above-mentioned streaming devices would perform an excellent job. Price, ease of use, and quality are all important considerations when deciding which one to purchase. It’s also important to consider whether or not your new gadget will work with your existing technology.

Some Samsung TV owners have switched to a different wireless adapter because of complaints about connection problems after the most recent software update for the brand’s products. On top of the device’s cost of $90 is the replacement option, which would cost $30. Some users avoided this problem by using a USB dongle or an external Wi-Fi adaptor that was compatible and offered a wider range of connection possibilities. Some others utilized WiFi to stream media while others used Ethernet cable to establish a wired connection.

Samsung TVs include built-in WiFi, so you can watch Netflix or Hulu on your phone or computer, for example. For those who wish to watch television on their Samsung TV without the usage of WiFi, you’ll need a wireless adaptor. Many wireless adapters for Samsung TVs are available, and it may be tough to know which one is best for your specific needs and budget.

What are the features that allow it to work with your TV?

In recent years, the possibility to get a smart TV has become quite popular. Smart TVs from Samsung are among of the best in the business, with a broad range of options. With a wireless adapter, you can connect your new smart TV to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Let’s have a look at the many wireless adapters that work with these TVs in this post.

  1. How to Increase the Speed of Your TV
  2. The Wi-Fi coverage should extend across your whole home.
  3. If you want a full-screen experience on the tablet, mirror your phone.

Use your tablet as a full-screen mirror for your smartphone.

With no full-screen capability, what’s the purpose of owning a tablet? A look at how to replicate your tablet’s screen on a phone is the focus of this article. To keep up with the latest news, social media, and other important notifications, you depend on your phone all day long.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Coverage Throughout Your Home

The answer to the issue had finally emerged after several hours of research on my part. Extending the Wi-Fi range of your TV! To help you with that, we’ve written this article. Check your router’s settings and establish a password for your Wi-Fi network before anything else. Restart your Wi-Fi service on the TV and then search for wireless networks in the list of accessible networks.

How to Speed Up Your Television Set

In the United States, the typical family spends 2.5 hours each day watching television. That consumers are always seeking for ways to make their televisions quicker comes as no surprise. One option to speed up your television is to modify the television service provider’s resolution from 480i or higher to 720p or 1080p. Other options include purchasing an 802.11-capable smart TV, which will allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies without any interruptions or buffering.

Improve Your Network With A Samsung Wireless Lan Adapter

  1. A Samsung Wireless Lan Adapter is needed for this.
  2. Plugging in the Adapter is second.
  3. Install the App
  4. Establish a connection with your own network at home.
  5. Configure wireless settings in step 5.
  6. In addition, you’ll feel more secure.

A LAN adapter is not required to improve your Wi-Fi connection.

1. antenna

Any wireless network would be incomplete without Wi-Fi antennae. The speed and range of your Wi-Fi connection may be improved with the use of one of these little gadgets. As an alternative, if your computer does not come equipped with a built-in network adapter, you might try moving your router around your house so that it is pointed in various directions. This will provide you with a more precise picture of the antenna’s signal coverage area, allowing you to choose the ideal location for installation.

2. Powerline

Using a powerline may help you have better Wi-Fi performance. Internet signals are sent to a router or modem through a powerline adaptor hooked into an electrical socket. They don’t need any extra cables and provide rapid speeds.

3. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is convenient, but it might be difficult to connect to a network if the signal is poor. A wireless repeater, which boosts the internet signal and distributes it around your house, is one solution to this problem. Due to the high cost of LAN adapters and repeaters, several clients are unable to purchase them. Fortunately, there are a number of different methods available for enhancing a Wi-Fi network.

4. Ethernet Cable

This article may be helpful if you’re utilizing a wireless connection and not an Ethernet cable to access the internet. There are some things you may attempt to improve your wireless connection if it becomes unreliable or sluggish. Plug your router into the wall and turn it on to begin with. Whether your router has lights, check to see if they are solid green or flickering like a computer. If not, your router may be faulty.

Users Experiences on can i use any wifi adapter for samsung tv

For my Samsung 40-inch Smart TV, which wifi dongle or LAN adapter should I purchase? (ue40f5300)

Amazon Prime would be ideal?

Is a Samsung dongle required, or would any brand work?

If at all possible, could you provide any links?

Thanks a lot!

A1: Typically, the TV has a built-in wifi adaptor. There’s no mention of an external adaptor in the manual for this model, and even if they did, I doubt it’s because of driver difficulties or device technology concerns. Is there any proof that this TV’s WiFi doesn’t operate without an extra dongle, as you claim?

A2: In order to use a wireless dongle, you’ll need to locate a driver particularly designed for your TV, although it’s quite unlikely that it will work. Use a router as a wireless bridge to connect to your TV using an Ethernet cable. This is your best option.

Is there a wireless USB adaptor for my Samsung TV?

Wireless Internet connectivity is completely absent from my new Samsung TV (UE40H5373SS). Wired connections are out of my reach.

Is it possible to use any USB wifi adaptor, or do I require a Samsung adapter for this TV, assuming it exists?

A1: Wireless receivers that can be converted to Ethernet may be used. As though the journey had come to an end. A powerline adaptor might also be used.

It is not possible to use a WiFi USB adaptor.

Then there’s this better one. Using built-in smart capabilities on an antiquated TV that lacks WiFi is a complete waste of time.

Roku or a fire stick, though.

What is the Samsung DeX Wireless Adapter called?

Is there a way to have the wireless DeX experience without having a smart TV? My house does not have a smart TV.

A1: If you want to share your screen wirelessly, search for an adapter that supports Miracast or WiDi.

However, I must tell you that wired HDMI offers a superior viewing experience. Wireless image adapters and TVs aren’t all created equal. It’s not fair that some people suffer more latency than others. Performance might still be affected by network congestion and interference. Also, just to be clear, it does not use your home WiFi network in any way. That doesn’t affect it in any way. However, Miracast may have an influence on your network performance in the same way that nearby networks can.

Find a miracast-enabled device amazon fire tv may be used if you have one

A2: A roku is effective.

The Samsung UN40EH5300FXZA requires a WiFi card.

Hello there,

Trying to connect a second-hand Samsung smart TV to my Wi-Fi network. The wifi wps option was greyed out, and there are no networks to connect to.

After resetting it to factory settings, I connected it to the Internet and updated the firmware. As a consequence, I’m rather certain that the wifi card has been permanently damaged. How do you locate them, guys? “Google” didn’t provide any results for my model. Where do you acquire these components from? “


A1: A widespread problem with the WIDT20R module has led to a high price on eBay for the part. With a streaming stick, you get more applications for less money. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the only applications that are still supported on this device. There is no access to YouTube. However, it’s possible that you’ll want to unplug it. Rebooting the TV might be caused by a faulty module.

A2: You may use a USB dongle with a Ralink RT5370 chipset to connect to the TV and get inexpensive wifi access, however the WIDT20R module seems to require the Ralink RT5572, so you may want to try a dongle with it if the RT5370 doesn’t work (As far as I know, the RT5572 dongles are a bit more costly than the RTT5370 dongles).

A3: If it contains a widt20r wifi module, which appears to be a USB module, why just not test it with a cheap universal usb wifi module? For the new module, you’ll obviously need to play with the cables. This is an inexpensive remedy that might benefit a large number of folks who are experiencing this issue.

Setup of Samsung DeX over Wi-Fi

To use wireless DeX on my Galaxy S21 Ultra, I’m looking for a nice Widi or Miracast receiver for my TV. Miracast is supported by my Tcl 65r635 although it’s poor. Laggy mouse pad and pixelated video stream are two problems with my phone’s DeX connection, which gives a mouse pad and a smart view. To get around this, I’ve looked at buying a dongle to utilize in lieu of an upgrade to the TV. Any Miracast dongle ( My Microsoft 4K display adapter) tested with wireless DeX and getting results as if you were connected to a Samsung television is what I am curious about.

I have a Samsung TV, and it operates like a dream and has an excellent smart picture. There were no problems at all. All responses are appreciated. Getting an HDMI-to-USB type C cable short is all I’m looking for. Again, thank you for your help. yo2 mob b product details

A1: Though it had mixed reviews, I was pleasantly surprised when it functioned well with my Note 10+ and monitor. It did not show video from Hulu, so I assume the TV is interfering with that feature. The adapter performed well, with no hiccups or delays. It functioned well even when linked to my 5GHz router. It does show in the resolution listed on the Amazon website, but you may have to manually alter the resolution by logging into the adaptor through the web interface that comes with the device. A image larger than 16:9 cannot be shown, as far as I know.

A2: The newer models of Samsung Smart Monitors make advantage of the 5GHz WiFi band, which provides a speedier connection. Using Microsoft’s Miracast dongle, you’re confined to 2.4GHz, which is a headache to use. The hardware-based Miracast connection of the newest Samsung Smart Monitors and dongles, as well as the 5GHz frequency, contribute to decrease latency.

As a result of the slower CPUs, many TVs employ software-based Miracast. Make sure you do your homework and don’t fall prey to a lot of bogus reviews before you buy a 5GHz hardware-based one.

To get better results on Amazon, seek for dongles with both 2.4 and 5 GHz radios. For the extra few bucks, you get a lot better TV than you would with a smaller one.

Just to give you an idea of why certain dongles are so bad, I haven’t tested any myself. Factors outside the scope of this article are possible.

Do Samsung TVs support any WiFi adapter?

If you’re going to utilize a Samsung TV with a wifi adapter, be sure you get one made by Samsung.

To use your new Samsung TV wirelessly, you’ll need the appropriate wireless adaptor. For each Samsung TV model, Samsung provides a list of suitable adapters. As a last resort, you might search up the component number and verify the manufacturer’s requirements to see whether it’s compatible with your Samsung TV model. If you’re still confused what adapter to purchase, you may phone customer care or talk with someone online.

Modern houses are littered with wireless adapters, but which one will work with your Samsung TV? Your Samsung TV may be compatible with one of the many wireless adapters available on the market. Another option is a media receiver or soundbar, which may be connected through HDMI. A good place to start is by determining whose company made your television.

Even yet, a streaming box or a streaming stick may eliminate the need for an adaptor entirely. Instead of using the TV, you may use them to access the internet and download applications.

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