Can I Connect My Homepod to My Samsung TV? (Yes, But) [2022]

That Apple is engulfing the globe is well known. Whether it is the newest iPhone or the HomePod, it seems like Apple is always coming out with new items for everyone. HomePod, the line’s newest product, has received high praise from both reviewers and early customers. When it comes to using Apple’s HomePod, many people are wondering whether their Samsung TV is compatible.

In order to utilize HomePod as a typical TV speaker, you’ll need an Apple TV device on the same network as the TV. This is the only method to use your smart Samsung TV to play audio via HomePod.

Is it safe to say that utilizing the HomePod with your Samsung TV is now off the table? With a few simple steps, you can get around the fact that the two gadgets don’t operate together. To ensure that your home theater setup is as impressive as possible, we’ll go over everything you could want to know about utilizing a Homepod on a Samsung TV. Then, why don’t we get the show started?


HomePod owners are likely to want to get the most out of their investment. For a complete home theater experience, you may connect it to your Samsung TV. You’ll have to fiddle with the devices a little to make them work together since they aren’t compatible by default. So, how do you go about doing this, exactly?

Using an Apple TV device, the HomePod can function with any television. The first step is to make sure the TV has an HDMI connector, since this is the only method to connect the gadgets to the television.

To use your HomePod with a Samsung TV, you’ll also need a strong internet connection. To provide a smooth audio experience, the Apple TV device communicates with the HomePod over Wi-Fi.

You should be able to utilize the HomePod with your Samsung TV after you’ve completed these steps. However, you should be aware that you can only use one device to connect to HomePod at a time. In order to utilize the speaker on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to detach the Apple Device from your TV and connect to the other device.

In the same vein, how can I get Apple TV to recognize my Samsung TV as a home device?

  1. Open the Home App.
  2. Add an accessory by clicking the Add button.
  3. Select ‘Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?’
  4. Nearby accessories will feature the TV.
  5. Choose it and proceed as instructed.

You asked, “Can an Apple HomePod be connected to a television?” Creating a stereo pair and assigning it to the same room as the Apple TV will allow you to utilize two HomePod mini or HomePod speakers. Make sure your Apple TV is turned on. HomePod speakers may be used as Apple TV speakers if you want to do so. Turn on home theater audio by selecting Use as Apple TV speakers.

  1. The first step is to get the CloudPlayer application. Streaming music from Android phones to HomePods is possible, but they first require some assistance.
  2. Using the app, search for the music you wish to hear.
  3. Cast the song to your HomePod in the third step.
  4. Step 4: When you’re done, close the app.


If you want to use HomePod with your Samsung TV, you’ll need to use an Apple TV device to connect it to your TV. For this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apple TV settings first.
  2. Once you get to the Audio Output option, you’re all set.
  3. Next, connect your Apple TV to your HomPod.

The HomePod may be selected as the preferred audio device by clicking the TV icon in the upper right corner of the Apple TV menu after pairing your Apple TV device with your HomePod.

Keep your remote’s play/pause button pressed. You may switch between all of your linked audio outputs by doing this. HomePod is one of the options available to you.


There’s no way around it: Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a HomePod, check out which Apple TV devices will be compatible with it. Forget about buying a new gadget just to discover that it doesn’t work with your HomePod.

You can get the task done using the following Apple TV devices:


There is an earlier type of Apple TV called the Apple TV UHD that is also compatible with the HomePod. High-definition videos continue to be produced with this device, which is compatible with any HDTV. This means that you won’t be able to take use of the in-home theater feature. Nevertheless, it has the advantage of being reasonably priced.

Finally, the choice between these two Apple TVs comes down to their visual capabilities, not features. Your Samsung TV and your HomePod will work together without any issues as speakers.


The greatest choice for UHD TVs is the Apple TV 4K model, which provides sharp and realistic images. This gadget also has a built-in home theater speaker system. Dolby Atoms are also included, allowing you to enjoy a true home theater experience by placing your HomePod right next to your TV.

Users’ Experiences on Samsung and Homepod

I have a Samsung TV with AirPlay 2, can I connect my HomePod to it? Basically, I want to stream my TV’s audio via the HomePod.

An AirPlay-enabled TV (and any third-party device, for that matter) can just receive a video or audio stream; it can’t send one. Only Apple products are capable of streaming to AirPlay-enabled devices. That is to say, if your TV is AirPlay-enabled, you can cast entertainment from your Android or iOS smartphone to it, just as you can with a Chromecast.

As a result, you will be unable to use AirPlay to send audio from your TV to your HomePods.

Using the word “AirPlay compliant” should be a lot clearer from Apple’s perspective. AirPlay clients, endpoints, and servers are all interchangeable terms in the minds of the ordinary customer.

A1: The only option is to link the Apple TV to your Samsung TV and send the ATV’s audio to the homepod…

Why not pair your Apple TV or Samsung TV with a HomePod?

To our surprise, we purchased an AirPlay 2 and HomeKit-compatible Samsung QLED 55″ (Q6DT) television.

Is there a way to connect the HomePods to the TV without using a third-party app?

Ideally, I’d want it to operate with regular cable as well, rather than only AppleTV…

I don’t want to return the TV since the pricing was so low.

A1: TV Airplay, to the best of my knowledge, is merely a ‘input.’ It is possible to connect an AppleTV device to the HomePod and the TV and stream audio and video simultaneously. Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase yet another piece of equipment.

A2: It’s not good news. No television can fulfill your needs.

HomePod and Siri on iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, macOS, or tvOS devices can control your TV with HomeKit-compatible TVs, and you can even add TV control in Scenes or Automations.

Media may be broadcast from iPadOS, iOS, macOS, tvOS, or iTunes in Windows to an AirPlay 2 compatible TV. If you have a TV with AirPlay two built in, you can use your HomePod to concurrently play music on the TV and on your phone.

It’s not possible to broadcast audio from a TV or HomePod to a TV or HomePod through AirPlay or AirPlay 2, despite the fact that the HomePod has Bluetooth 5.0 built-in. This is because Bluetooth is designed to operate HomeKit devices, not for music.

You may keep your television. It’s amazing to listen to music on your HomePod. Invest in a soundbar.

TV Audio to Apple TV with Home Pod?

So, I just purchased a Samsung 7-inch UHD smart TV. I know I can’t utilize the Home Pod as an audio output since Samsung does not support the Home Kit for some reason. If this succeeds, I’ll buy another HomePod (even though most people think it’s a lousy TV speaker), since I already have one.

I’d want to ask if I were to buy an Apple TV, would it be possible to utilize the HomePod with it as an audio output. This is something I’ve never tried since I’ve never owned or used an Apple TV. When utilizing my cable box or the built-in smart tv applications, can I utilize the HomePod as audio via the Apple TV?

Is a smart TV really necessary if you already own an Apple TV?

EDIT: So my question is whether or not the audio from the TV can be sent into my home pod through Apple TV.

EDIT 2: This is the second time this has happened.

Okay, so it seems like I can’t do what I’m hoping to achieve. It’s great to have so many ideas. In the end, I’m going to get some bookshelf speakers. Cheers.

A1: No. AirPlay is used to connect the Apple TV to the HomePod. As a result, it could only receive audio from an Apple TV. The HomePod would not be able to output audio from any other device you used to watch television.

A2: I prefer the appletv over the android os that comes pre-installed on the televisions. I used my Sony receiver to connect an Apple TV and HomePods for audio output. Every so often, I have to reconnect with my hompeods so that my internal speakers can play the audio again. However, the appletv’s interface and usefulness exceed the little inconveniences.

Apple TV and iOS streaming

You can’t use Apple TV without one. Please advise whether this is possible to do on my Samsung TV with airplay 2 installed. Is it feasible to simultaneously stream material from my iPhone (such as an Amazon Prime movie) to my TV and HomePod speakers?

No, I don’t know whether all of the material on Apple TV can be broadcast to the HomePod using an Apple TV (stereo pair)

Samsung airplay 2 TVs don’t have the ability to stream audio from a TV directly to the HomePods, so I’m not sure whether this is viable. There’d be no need for an Apple TV box if the aforementioned first option were feasible.

In anticipation, many thanks for your assistance:)

A1: You can stream to a TV with Airplay 2 by installing the app on the TV, although I haven’t tested it yet. However, I was able to stream movies from my Prime Movies app on the phone to my LG TV without any issues.

However, even though I don’t have a HomePod hooked up to my TV, I’m quite sure I’ve read somewhere that one of the key advantages of having a stereo HomePod configuration was that it provided Dolby sound via an Apple TV 4K device. However, you’ll have to do it manually using the Apple TV’s settings.

A2: No. The smart TV’s airplay app is exclusively for receiving media. You can broadcast audio from your TV to another airplay device from an iPhone or iPad, but not the other way around. Home theater audio can only be streamed to the OG HomePod using an Apple TV 4K.

A3: “Do you know whether all material on the Apple TV enables the audio to be broadcast to the HomePod (stereo pair) with an Apple TV device?”

Not all Apple TV content works with your HomePods, as I discovered the hard way. The sling service I signed up for didn’t function with my HomePods or airplay2 on my AppleTV4 HD. The number of other applications that do not operate with it has grown significantly since then. However, Apple TV4 4k has a specific feature that allows you to assign a pair of HomePods to it, and all system audio will be routed to the HomePods no matter what app you’re using.


In the event that you’ve been unable to utilize your HomePod with a Samsung TV, it’s likely that the two devices are incompatible. You’ve now discovered a few solutions that allow them to coexist.

You may use all devices together with no problems after following this advice, however the experience may not always be flawless. Even so, it’s a good place to start if you’re new to home entertainment.

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